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 World Family Origin

The World Very 1st Generation of The Majesty Family Originally comes from Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C. Since the Earliest start of calendar years at 1st Kingdom of human origin, even before the Buddhism, and All other religions; even before Catholic Faith Origin, and/or Christianity.

Most Prestigious Insignia of The Original Majesty Family is "The Symbolic Unselfish Principle" to The Whole World Unity since Human Origin.

Majesty Family Original is simply The Majesty Family: NOT a Royal Family or NOT a Family of Commoners. Therefore: if a royal family of any royal kingdom or a commoner family of any land tries to name each self alone as a Majesty Family, it is just a fake which is not a something they should do. If by doing so would mean any of them absolutely were not had been included even as a piece, in The Original Majesty Family Generations. Ancestry of Original Majesty Family is The Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C; The Principle Kingdom of Myanmar Kingdoms Origin. 

At The Majesty Kingdom and World Royal Kingdoms at world nations and world kingdoms throughout the world, Our Majesty Family is well-known as World Majesty Family at itself originally it is. Golden Members of The Majesty Family Origin never acts as one nation or one ethnic or one region alone and absolutely differed from any royal family. For instance:
at each royal kingdom alone, royal families are usually known as a royal family and commoner families of state kingdoms are known as just by family of each own last name. Unlike  Royal Kingdom Alone or State Kingdom alone which especially at the Western Cultural Region where most females have to  change  their family names to their husband's family name after married, The Prestigious Feminism of The Majesty Kingdom NEVER HAVE TO CHANGE to Family Name of spousal relation even when gets into lawful marriage as all females of The Only Majesty Kingdom enjoys the absolute equal right with the spouse in full decision making independently of all matters that importance in human life; still many more other unique factors that Special Symbol of Majesty Kingdom are still maintained since the world starts even at The Principle Kingdom Leading Golden Royal Kingdoms; shall all be respectful at all time as it's majestically very sensitive and so important in beautifully that much precious. Most Important Majesty Structure can be seen here.

Thus, any royal family alone or any commoner family alone shall never pretend like The Majesty Family Origin or shall never name each self as Majesty Family except The Original Majesty Family of Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C. 

This site is initial launch for World Public to know The Majesty Family Original is in existence: still protecting and saving lives of All Human Being.  The Full Launch will come sooner to be formally unveiled together by The Majesty Pair-bound of HM. DR. AYE HM THE WORLD MAJESTY.
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